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6 Jewelry Mistakes To Stop Making

6 Jewelry Mistakes To Stop Making

We are pretty sure that you are making a lot of mistakes with your jewelry that you really should not be making. It could be because you don't have the time or bad habits, but more likely it's because you don't have enough information to know what the problems might be.

To help prevent you from making these mistakes, we present the following list of common jewelry mistakes and how to avoid them.

Let's get started!

1. Not understanding the materials used to make jewellery can make it hard to choose a piece

Before purchasing a piece of jewelry, one should ask the seller about the materials from which it is made. Not all jewels are made from 18K yellow gold, sterling silver, white gold, and other precious metals. Sometimes a piece of jewelry may look like gold, but its price may be low. This could mean that it is not gold.

Jewelry made from non-precious metal may cause allergic reactions to skin, turning the skin green or black over time. In this case, plating has occurred. There are both natural and man-made gemstones available in the market, and even fake ones are available. So, one should be very careful when buying jewels and know the materials used to make them.

Just keep in mind: knowledge is power.

2. Wearing too many jewels may be a bad idea

When deciding how to dress, consider the occasion. A beautiful pendant might look great for a classy event but can seem out of place in an office.

Everyone wants what they are wearing to look beautiful and expensive, but too much worn at the same time can come across as tacky. Decide what clothes you will wear first, and then look for one or two pieces that compliment the aesthetic that you are going for.

3. When you wear jewellery regularly, it is important to keep it clean

Jewelry, like anything that is used regularly, accumulates grime and dirt. It is against your skin for periods of time, oftentimes while you perform a variety of activities.

Many people forget this. Just as we wash and maintain our clothes, it’s important that we clean the jewelry from time to time. The jewelry can be scheduled to be cleaned twice a year or as often as every week. It depends on the type of jewelry that is being washed.

It can be washed using a gentle soap which can remove tarnish. Polishing cloth, silver dip can also be used but must be consulted with the professionals about using it. It must not be washed harshly.

4. The way you store your jewelry can affect its longevity

Jewelry that is not worn will tarnish quickly. Air exposure and contact with other pieces will also cause damage.

A jewelry box is a better way of storing your jewelry than leaving it in a drawer, hanging in a closet or on the back of door where air can easily get to it, causing damage. Alternatively, if you have earrings, necklaces and bracelets, a necklace tree can be useful.

But it is important to remember that this kind of storage can lead to a build-up of dust and grime, so it must be cleaned on a regular basis.

5. A mismatched hairstyle and earrings

As with all jewelry, earrings should be matched with the rest of your outfit. This is particularly true when it comes to hair.

Hair that is worn down can distract from any earrings you have on; on the other hand, if you are wearing a high ponytail or a bun, there will be space between the neck and the ear — in which case, more classic earrings will fill up that space in a way that studs do not.

6. Being uncreative

No matter how much you like a piece of jewelry, wearing it every day can become boring.

The changing of seasons is a great time to look in a mirror and begin experimenting with new pieces and looks. Work on matching your jewelry to your clothes, and make notes about what works and doesn't work. If you feel like you lack in a certain area of jewelry, consider adding to or replacing your existing jewelry collection.

This may involve asking loved ones around holidays and your birthday!

By avoiding common jewelry mistakes, you will feel more confident

Jewelry plays an important part in any outfit, complementing or detracting from your overall look. To keep your pieces looking nice, you should follow basic guidelines tips, but remember that ultimately it is the confidence of the wearer which makes a piece beautiful.

If you think something looks good, wear it proudly!